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DNA Fingerprinting

What is DNA Fingerprinting?

What is DNA?
What is DNA Fingerprinting?
Types of DNA Fingerprinting
How does one create a DNA fingerprint?
The Uses of DNA Fingerprinting
Problems with DNA Fingerprinting
Gel Electrophoresis

DNA fingerprinting is a way of getting a person’s identification.  This type of method had been used since the mid 1980’s.  It was used first to discover genetic diseases but now is also used to help catch criminals.  It is now used in forensic science, maternity tests and personal identification.  DNA fingerprinting allows a scientist or any qualified worker to match the DNA of any person.  All the worker needs is a sample of DNA from hair, nails, blood, skin or even saliva.  If the DNA they found matches the sample they received then they most likely have the right specimen's DNA.


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