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DNA Fingerprinting


What is DNA?
What is DNA Fingerprinting?
Types of DNA Fingerprinting
How does one create a DNA fingerprint?
The Uses of DNA Fingerprinting
Problems with DNA Fingerprinting
Gel Electrophoresis

This website was a good website for DNA Fingerprinting in general.  It has what it is and what it means.  It gives information on several uses and techniques.

This was a good website where I found useful information on the steps to making a DNA Fingerprint and gel electrophoresis.

This was a good source that I used for the southern blotting section on my website.  This site had good information on what it was and the process of how it was done. 

This is the best source that I found on the topic of PCR.  I got a lot of useful information from this website on how PCR works, the process, and the future of PCR.  I also got a picture from this webpage.'s-A-RFLP.html

This is a good website with information on RFLP.  It says what it is and what it does.  It summarizes RFLP.




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