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DNA Fingerprinting

Types of DNA Fingerprinting

What is DNA?
What is DNA Fingerprinting?
Types of DNA Fingerprinting
How does one create a DNA fingerprint?
The Uses of DNA Fingerprinting
Problems with DNA Fingerprinting
Gel Electrophoresis




Southern Blot

The Southern Blot is a way to analyze the patterns of a persons DNA.  In order to make a Southern Blot one has to fallow five steps.  The Steps are isolating, cutting, sorting, denaturing and finally blotting.  Isolating the DNA is the first step in producing a Southern Blot.  The DNA can be isolated either chemically or by using detergent.  In using a detergent all the extra material is washed away.  Another way to clean the DNA is to apply a large amount of pressure to squeeze the DNA clean.  The second step is cutting the DNA.  The DNA has to be cut into pieces in different sizes; this can be done by using restriction enzymes.  After the cutting is done sorting must be done.  The DNA is sorted according to size and this is done by gel electrophoresis.  The sorted DNA then has to be denatured.  The DNA is denatured by heating or chemically using gel to treat the DNA.  The Fifth and final step is blotting.  The DNA in the gel which is now isolated, cut, sorted and denatured is put on nitrocellulose sheet.  The sheet is then baked which permanently attaches the DNA to the sheet and is the ready to be analyzed.

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